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Dear Colleagues
The Department of Western Languages and Literatures is pleased to announce its third English Studies conference. This year the theme for our conference is multiculturalism, heritage, and English Studies. The conference will be held in the UNESCO heritage city of Safranbolu, which is full of both history and national pride. It is famous for, and named after a flower, which is purple and used to create a dye and/or spice. The old city is a perfect location for such a conference, where scholars from all overTurkey and other parts of the globe will come together, we hope, to discuss multicultulism, heritage and English Studies from a variety of academic vantage points and disciplines. Literature in the broadest sense is the idea and how it might be said to speak to the interplay between established national traditions (heritage) and the “Other” (multiculturalism). Teaching English as a second language fits in to this second category it seems to us, although papers on the more practical issue of how best to improve the teaching of English are welcome. The members of the Department of Western Languages and Literature, and myself, look forward to hearing from you with paper proposals that speak to multiculturalism, heritage, and English Studies in some way. Karabuk University and neighboring Safranbolu are certain to elate. We look forward to showing you our university and national treasures like Safranbolu as we share our ideas and get to know each other.

Prof. Dr. Clyde R. ForsbergJr.
Conference Organizer
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